Be sexy and know it!

Sexy lingerie and the love season!

Women know that spring is the most exciting season, bringing with his arrival new tones, trends and more than that, love. This spring is essential to bring a bit of joy in women’s underwear and more than that in women’s sexy lingerie. Because, during this splendid season, women are not forced to keep anymore their warm and wide clothes, hiding underneath their white or black lingerie, but now they have to be daring and choose passionate lingerie models.


Now women can be sexy by using sets of colored bras and panties, choosing between models that will transform them into femme fatale.

They can instantly turn into vamps, wearing sexy lingerie with dues red pieces which will surely give them an ultra sexy look, especially if they choose a push-up bra that will define in a deep and mysterious way their cleavage. Women can be even more daring, by choosing naughty bra models from satin with embroidery and double straps.

They can become a “country girl” using outfits specially designed and essential for a weekend in the country. These sets are very exciting, in bright colors and floral motifs, tailored from easy crepe material that is extremely hot.

Women’s sexy lingerie is on spring a glamour outfit. Women can be seductive in glamorous outfit. Embroidery, tulle and satin are the ideal combination. The mixture of colors like purple, violet, turquoise and dark blue is perfect for spring season. And, for evenings full of love, nothing is sexier than a garter.

Even in spring the women’s retro sexy lingerie is on tops. They can opt for a '50s model panties with high waist, close to Marilyn Monroe style! The model is perfect for hiding their belly and buttocks and is giving a rounded shape.

For spring sensual women, exotic transparent underwear in a mixture of colors reminiscent of spring, such as apple green, turquoise and yellow, is elegant and hot.
For daring and seductive women the question of “with or without underwear” can be answered with close lingerie to skin color model and some accessories that will definitely be extremely seductive.

In spring everyone is turning into innocent and childish style, because love transforms. That is why wearing quality microfiber underwear something less bold women could become more exciting for their partners. Also is preferably to wear boxers.


In spring, nearly 80 % of women admitted that purchasing sexy underwear is very important; because this piece of clothing gives them self-confidence, they feel more powerful and seductive.

However, not every woman knows the meaning behind the color of naughty underwear. There are most common 4 colors of hot underwear to choice from and features that will define the personality of the woman who wears them:

Black - characterize a person very practical, strong, ambitious, with a tendency to hide their emotions and used to being the boss in a relationship.

White - defines naturalness wearer confidence, calmness, seriousness, affection, sincerity and a clear expression of feelings, and a certain amount of shyness in the bedroom.

Red - indicates the characteristics of a passionate, energetic woman which is fully aware of her sex appeal and do the utmost to satisfy her partner, but she also expect the same treatment. Sometimes a person can become dramatic and loves to pose as the victim, but this is the very charm that attracts the men in her nets.

Blue – defining romantic natures, who love to love. There are women with a keen artistic sense and loves fashion. Also, blue characterize independent women who want to stand out; they are people so playful and very serious privacy and love to cuddle after sex.

Independence, ambition, elegance, these are just some of the weapons of seduction of modern women. Nothing inspires more sensual than a smart woman who knows, equally, to emphasize their femininity and conversational skills. In the turmoil of a company in full expansion, both in terms of values and the role assigned to the new image of the eternal feminine, which really speaks about their sensuality is the song that they choose to wear naughty underneath or androgynous outfit minimalist silhouette suit that they wear in the office and beyond.

Women have to accessory they hot and exotic underwear with personality, a trick that helps maintains an intimate relationship with their loved one but especially with themselves. Such women know to choose the most seductive models which will put their physical assets in value.


Women’s sexy lingerie put in value their extreme sensuality. Parts that rely on transparent lace and emphasizing feminine lines by fluid textures that flatter the female form are ideal artifice not only for passionate nights, but for days when their sex appeal increases raising their confidence. Seductive and hot lingerie is the most intimate secret of  powerful and successful women.

Hot and exotic underwear is generally used in spring erotic games. With body’s qualities raised, always sensual the new spring sexy lingerie models leaves very the imagination to flow. Depending on their personal style, women can opt for classic designs that exploits the Parisian concept “laissez - void” or variations more daring of hot lingerie. Any body model they choose, it promises to train in real erotic games which keep the passion alive in their relationship.

Naughty and exotic underwear become fetish lingerie, because some lingerie models are intended to serve as fulfillment boudoir fantasy accessories. Sexy lingerie has transparency, strategic cutouts and extremely eccentric with sensual detail up parts which causes the imagination in erotic games apart.

Sexy underwear is a trick of infallible seduction, the way of fulfilling their fantasies and a means of relating their own femininity. Sexy lingerie helps women to rediscover their sensualities every day!

Sexy lingerie requires perfection. A soft and smooth skin is the most important weapon of seduction. That is why some advice regarding wearing it might help women. If they have big ass, women should avoid shorts. Such women should wear a small and delicate sexy bikini (even if you're a little larger) but never so much that tightens.

Aim above. True, lace shorts, low waist, are very fashionable, but unfortunately for most of women that are not so thinly certainly wearing such naughty and exotic underwear mean a big problem. But, luckily there is sexy underwear with high cut, which makes women long legs (longer than nature gave) and contains much material that hide surpluses and turn them into seductive “curves”.

Anyway, in spring women should be relaxed. And they can be themselves. If they are trying too much to become something, they risk losing all the fun. After all, being sexy is a matter of attitude and about trust.